Trend Information can be important to your business in different ways and at different times in the season. You may have enough trend information based on our trend books. But it could also be that you have a need for more intensive communication. Do you want a trend presentation for your purchasing department, or even a presentation for your loyal customers? Or do you want a trend workshop with the focus on your new collection? Are you looking for help with your product development? We provide various services. Below we describe a number of options. You can choose what suits you best. Do you have other wishes? We would be more than happy to talk with you about the different possibilities!

TRENDBOOKS | Looking for the next interior trends?

Twice a year, THJS Cover Interior is released in a limited edition. It contains all the information you need to start a new collection. In THJS Cover Interior you will find beautiful, hand-painted color palettes and special material swatches made by our designers, exclusively for THJS. Additionally, each theme is provided with several copyright-free patterns that you’ll find via a Dropbox link as handy .eps; .psd or .tiff files. You can immediately get to work with these patterns. You will also find inspiration for different rooms in the house, such as trends for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or nursery. We pay full attention to stationary, wallpaper and curtains, pillows, pots, stools, tableware, and interior accessories. Of course, spring, summer, autumn, or winter, will be covered with product specific  inspiration for every season. Think of Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. In short, with this useful and inspiring trend book, you can take a confident first step toward your new collection. Want to see a THJS Cover Interior Trend book, with no obligation? Make an appointment with us or one of our agents here.

TREND SEMINAR | Do you want an inspiring trend presentation?

Depending on your needs, we can give an inspiring presentation for you, your employees, or your customers.  In this presentation we explain the themes of the respective season, and we provide more information about lifestyle trends that always form the basis of the various themes. What are the developments in the field of automation, robots, environment, but also music, film, design, and art? How do people feel? Which products will fit with that? We give a clear overview of the main trends in materials, shapes, and designs. In short, you get valuable information for a successful collection. Click here if you would like more information.

DIGITAL TRENDS | Looking for the interior trends for next season?

Looking for inspiration for the decoration of a house or a new project? Do you want to restyle your store, or are you looking for color inspiration for an exhibition stand? For stylists, interior designers, and other housing professionals, we offer our trend information digitally. THJS allows you to be always up to date, and you can start your projects in a good way. In THJS digital trend book, which looks one year ahead, you’ll find color cards, with quick convenient color numbers. You can quickly determine what colors to use on the walls, furniture, or accessories. The themes can be applied to different rooms in the home. One theme is particularly suitable for a bathroom, the other one for the bedroom, the kitchen, living room, or nursery. We pay attention to stationary, wallpaper and curtains, pillows, pots, stools, dishes, and other interior accessories. Depending on the theme; spring, summer, autumn, winter, and of course Christmas, will be discussed. Buy the digital THJS Cover trend book in THJS shop.

WORKSHOP | Together with your team, we take the first steps in developing your new collection!

Many companies find it pleasant to start their new collection together with the buyers and styling departments. During the workshop, we present the relevant trends in interior design to your team at an inspiring location.

Afterward, they can work out the themes that are interesting for your business, together with THJS.  We provide all the necessities! After a trend workshop, you will go home with inspiring mood boards that can be used as a guide for your new collection!

Would you like to work for a day with THJS? Please contact us!

CUSTOM MADE TRENDS | THJS translates trends relevant to your business or audience.

Of course, with the THJS trend book, you already have a complete overview of the trends that will be important in the coming years. Sometimes it is desirable to translate these trends more specifically to your own business, your product, and your customer base. We offer this possibility.

We make colour cards, based on professional trend information and tailored to the specific needs of your company. We can create specially targeted mood boards [analogue as well as digital] regarding your product. We can also provide a complete trend book made exclusively for your business. Are you interested? Ask your specific question here.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT | Do you need help with the realization of your next collection?

We can contribute to your next collection on the creative level. Through our years of experience in product development for various companies, we can indicate where a good collection, corporate style, or shop, can be improved or strengthened. Depending on your needs, we create color palettes specific to your product. We can also design a part of your collection.

We have extensive experience in product development. Often, this can be done from our office. Sometimes it is better to visit the factory so we can keep the possibilities of the production unit in mind. Of course, this is all done in close consultation with you.

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