THJS…that’s us!

Titia Huisman and Joke Scholtalbers; two passionate and creative professionals, each with over twenty years experience in the field of trends, trend watching, colours and product development. We provide buyers, product developers and stylists, with useful information about trends. Here we focus on the field of colours, materials, design, and decors, in the interior industry.   

Together we make a good combination. We complement each other, both in skills and in terms of taste. For more than fifteen years, we have published trend books together. First, the Co-okBook, and now THJS Cover. We have proven to be able to put together a good, commercial trend forecast.

Titia Huisman

Titia, educated in graphics, has worked for over nine years as a trend watcher and designer at a leading trend agency. In addition to creating and designing trend books, she traveled the world to develop products in the field of interior design and accessories.

Titia’s strengths include graphic design, product design and patterns, photography, and trend analyzing.

Joke: “Titia is, in addition to being very creative, also very analytical, has a strong sense of fashion and style, and knows how to turn every trend book into a gem!”

Joke Scholtalbers

Joke started her career in the fashion and fabric industry. For this she traveled extensively to develop products, including the Far East. She then worked for seven years as a trend watcher and colourist at the same trend agency as Titia. Now, They have been publishing their own trend books for the interior design industry for fifteen years.

Joke’s strengths include analyzing trends, giving presentations, making colour cards, product development, and writing.

Titia: “My business partner and friend, Joke, collects, analyzes, creates, shares and inspires me, ánd our customers already for many years…”