THJS inspires you with professional information about interior trends

Are you an importer, purchaser, or manufacturer of home accessories? Are you a retailer or stylist in the field of interior design and home furnishings? Are you looking for professional and inspiring trend information? You can find it at THJS! Trend watchers, Titia Huisman, and Joke Scholtalbers, collect, filter, and cluster relevant trend information for you. For more than twenty years we have predicted the trends to leading companies in the interior design industry. Over the past decade we have jointly issued  the Co-okbook Interior. Since 2016 the name Co-okbook is changed to into THJS Cover.

Look one year ahead with THJS

For stylists, project developers, and other housing professionals, we offer inspiring trend information. In our digital trend book we show you a handy overview of the latest trends in interior design and decoration. We provide you with detailed colour maps, inspiring products and ideas for the use of patterns and materials; information that will be relevant next year. Order a complete overview of the next season. You will get as many as seven trend themes plus 12 pages with general trend information! See a preview in the THJS shop.

Look ahead two years with THJS

As an importer, purchaser, and/or manufacturer, you want to be aware of the right materials, colours, shapes, and designs even sooner. With the trend book THJS you start your new collection based on the right information! Twice a year we combine all relevant trends in one convenient Trend book: THJS Cover. It contains large, hand-painted colour swatches, colour keys, and patterns, to use immediately for your collection. In addition, you will find many inspiring interior and product photos in this limited edition. Moreover, we show the trends for different materials and products for the home, such as curtains, pillows, pots, vases, stools, wallpaper, stationery, and more. In addition to that, we pay special attention to trends for Christmas, and Christmas decorations, in THJS trend book for winter and Christmas. See THJS trend book.

Of course you want to see first, what kind of information you might expect in a THJS Cover trend theme. That’s why we are happy  to send you one of the themes for free! Enter your email address here and you will receive an email with a pdf of our one of the THJS Cover Trend themes for FWX 2020|21, by return!

THJS Cover Interior Digital Trendtheme WX 20|21: Lightly-rugged
We are happy to to show you how you will receive the themes from our digital trend book in your mailbox after ordering. That is why you will receive one of the 18 THJS Digital Trend Themes for free in your mailbox after completing the form above!

Titiaeducated in graphics, worked for more than nine years as a trend watcher and designer at another leading trend agency. In 2005 she started to publish the Co-okBook together with Joke. From 2016, the Co-okBook continues as THJS Cover. In addition to making and shaping trend books, she travels around the world to develop products in the field of interior design and accessories.

Titia’s strengths include graphic design, product design and patterns, photography, and trend analyzing.

Joke started her career in the fashion and textile industry. For this, she traveled a lot, to the far East and to many other countries in order to develop different collections. After that, she worked seven years as a trend watcher and colorist at the same trend agency as Titia. Meanwhile, they publish the Co-okBook already for ten years. Starting this year, the name changes into THJS Cover.

Joke’s strengths include analyzing trends, giving presentations, making color cards, product development, and writing text.