THJS Cover Interior

Two years before the products are in stores you are already in the know, using THJS Cover for the trends of the interior! Buy a season or subscribe for two consecutive seasons and get a 10% discount!

THJS Cover Digital interior trend themes

A year ahead you will be in the know on interior trends with the help of our interior design trend themes! Each THJS Cover contains seven interior trend themes plus 12 pages of general trendinformation!

THJS Cover Colour and Material Swatches

You can easily order extra colour and material samples that go with your trend book!


In THJS Shop you can easily order your THJS Cover Interior, or THJS colour and material swatches of the colour palettes from THJS Cover. Useful for your colour chart or product development. Or opt for the digital trend book as a guide for project design or interior styling!

Of course you want to see first, what kind of information you might expect in a THJS Cover trend theme. That’s why we are happy  to send you one of the themes for free! Enter your email address here and you will receive an email with a pdf of one THJS Cover Trend theme by return!

THJS Cover Interior Trend theme FWX: Lightly-rugged

We are happy to show you what you can expect of a THJS Cover Trend theme. That is why you will receive a pdf-file of one of the 18 THJS Trend Themes for free in your mailbox after completing the form above!